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800 Calorie HCG Diet

Endocrinologist Dr Lipman speaks about the new 800 calorie HCG Diet. Hear what he has to say about weight loss with the hcg drops.


Online Dating Video Profile

Meet Edna. Edna is a very confident woman who is looking for her soulmate. And what better way to find the love of her life than online? So Edna made an online dating video profile where she lists the qualifications of the man she is looking for as well as what she brings to the table. Do you think she may be over reaching a bit or is she the perfect catch?

Diet and weight loss is this idea, or a movement, to give you the tools to learn how to stay motivated and focused in order to lose weight fast. detox the brain as well as the body. Everything is connected. Often life and healthy habits work parallel with each other. The health of your body can be a direct reflection of what’s in your mind. If we can improve your thoughts and feelings, then I believe the body will follow. -Greg Crawford